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Are Balloons Green?

Yes! Balloons are made from the sap of the rubber tree and biodegrade at the rate of an oak leaf. In order to make more balloons, more trees must be planted.

What’s The Most Important Thing To Know About Outdoor Decor?

There are several important things to know about outdoor decor.

1.) Ensure that anchors are stable enough for the decor; as little as 4 miles an hour of wind is a lot to a balloon.
2.) Arrangements on a single anchor point hold up better than clusters of balloons.
3.) Beware of dark colors like black, purple, green and blue as they absorb heat and can pop in hot weather.

What’s The Difference Between Full-service Companies Like Pop Art Events & Design And Order-Taking Companies?

Pop Art Events & Design takes pride in both innovating new techniques and staying up on the latest from the balloon industry at large. As such, we may have some design ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. The order-taking companies can only fulfill your standard balloon requests. We find that we do our best work when you work with us as a design partner; we may be able to suggest more effective decor within the same budget class as what you were looking for. Also, when we are on a job site, we take responsibility to make the room look good. Sometimes this means taking on jobs that should have been done by another vendor, but we would prefer for the room to be perfect rather than tell ourselves “well, that’s not my job”. Additionally, if we see that an extra bouquet will make a difference in the overall picture, at our discretion we’ll probably go ahead and add it (the cost will be on us). Our style of full-service decor means that the buck stops here.

How Long Will The Decor Last?

That depends on the environmental conditions and if the decor is air-filled or helium filled. A regular 11in. helium balloon has a lifespan of about 18 hours. We can extend the float time by use of Hi-Float, a polymer that is added to the balloon prior to inflation. This can increase the float time by several days. Air-filled decor can last for days or even weeks under the right conditions.

Can Balloons Be Made To Float Longer?

Yes, there is a product on the market called Hi-Float that, when properly added to balloons before inflation, can increase float time by several days. This can be perfect for indoor decor at multi-day events.

What Are The Advantages Of Balloons Over Other Decor Mediums?

Balloons transform time and space! Balloons can be made into any shape and take on a variety of textures. They are green. They can easily be designed to be either elegant or whimsical. They are also a great budget alternative to other types of traditional room decor like lighting or flowers. They amaze and attract with ease. Lastly, they carry the emotional message of happiness and well-being.

I Don’t Know What I Want, Can You Help Me Figure It Out?

Absolutely! When you call to talk to one of Pop Art Events & Design Event Coordinators, they will ask you questions about your event and the purpose of the decor – whether you are trying to attract attention to a focal point or going for an overall ambiance. If you have already figured out your approximate budget, our designers can help by suggesting packages and decor alternatives that match your goals with your specific budget in mind.

What’s Your Contact Number?

Visit our “Contact Us” page and fill out our form or call 706-748-8700.

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