Gay Male Same Sex Wedding Balloon Sculpture with Swarovski Crystals

gay-same-sex-balloon-arrangement-grey-hat-sculpture-with-swarovski-crystals.JPGArtist Tony Lucco created this patented, trade marked, and copy written arrangement as a celebration of same-sex marriage. The arrangement features a top hat sculptured flower vase, topped with decorative metal and beautifully sculptured balloon grooms. The whole piece is covered in Swarovski Elements Crystals. Featuring a rainbow hat band, stylized top hats on the front. The balloons are simply eye catching, with ties hovering in front of the body. A truly beautiful keepsake of the special occasion that will never spoil or go out of style.

Price: $950


Lesbian Arrangement

same-sex-lesbian-balloon-sculpture-1.jpgThis lovely, and understated same-sex female wedding arrangement, is the perfect celebratory piece for a special day. Handcrafted by Artist Tony Lucco, and hand decorated with Swarovski Elements Crystal, the femininity is simply amazing. The white sculpted ladies hat vase comes with a ready-made flower arrangement, with a second glass vase for you to use to make your own flower setting, to show with the sculpted ballloon ornaments. Artistic metal-work, necklaces of crystal, and cute bow-ties around the hat, all come together to create  truly magical wedding arrangement. 

Harlequin Arrangement

harliquin-top-balloon-with-silk-flowers-on-purple-hat-1.jpgA simple sculpted hat vase, with three sculpted balloon ornaments, is a great way to brighten any room in any building. A great gift for anyone that likes the color purple and wants an eye-catching sculpted art vase. Artist Tony Lucco has outdone himself with the simplicity of this arrangement. He has created a perfect sized accoutrement to help foster smiles. The patented balloon sculpture center-pieces look amazing peering out of an arrangement of flowers. An extra glass vase is included for our own flower arrangement to help decorate for happiness.

Gay Male Arrangement

gay-male-balloon-sculpture-in-sculptured-hat-vase-with-swarovski-crystals-double-hat-rainbow.jpgWow. That is what really sums up this sculptured balloon arrangement. Handcrafted by Artist Tony Lucco, and lavishly decorated with Swarovski Elements Crystal, this is a sight to behold. The perfect arrangement for your two favorite men tying the knot, this will not disappoint. Featuring two male balloon sculptures covered in crystal and featuring floating ties on each, along with a center balloon sculpture decorated with top hats and a connecting rainbow of crystal, affixed to a sculptured top hat flower vase, which is decorated with crystal and artistic metal-work. This arranement will stand the test of time and still come out as a show-stopping decoration.


Approx  36 in by 28 in by 15 in, 10 lbs   $1250.00 


Irish-hat.jpgThe Irish person in your life that receives this beautiful Sculptured Hat Vase, will surely feel the luck is on their side. A unique shape, and look, is accented by Swarovski Elements Crystals. The green-on-green look matches well to any color of flower you want to use, in the included extra glass vase. Another smash international hit from Artist Tony Lucco; once again hand-crafted and hand-decorated.

Approx  13 in length, 10 in wide, 12 in height, 2.5 lbs,  $125.00 

Hat Vase

hat-vase.jpgArtist Tony Lucco’s love for headwear led him to creating beautiful one-of-a-kind sculptured hat vases, including this top hat flower vessel. Elegantly handcrafted and adorned with a Swarovski Elements Crystal band, this hat vase comes with a lovely flower arrangement ready for use when it arrives. A lustrously deep finish, coupled with the sparkle of Swarovski Crystal will add a bright spot to any room. 

Available sans band if you feel the bling is too much.

Approx  13 in by 9 in by 9 in,  $85 for plain  $125 with band


Quinceanera-Sweet-Sixteen.jpgAbsolutely stunning in every way, Artist Tony Lucco has outdone himself with a Quinceanera/Sweet-Sixteen themed Sculpted Balloon arrangement. Liberally slathered in Swarovski Elements Crystals with a crystal necklace front, you can’t help but pause and smile when you encounter it. A gorgeous flower arrangement accompanies a pearlescent top hat vase featuring a Swarovski Pearl band. Patented, trademarked, and copy written, this one-of-a-kind piece will please any age at any time.

Approx  30 in by 19 in by 13 in,  6 lbs,  $450

Large Bud Vase

large-bud-vase.jpgBig, bold, and brassy describes this large bud vase. Beautifully adorned with a whimsical spray of Swarovski Elements Crystal. Artist Tony Lucco handcrafted another trademarked, yet ultimately alluring bud vase. A wonderful flower arrangement, with sculpted metal accents is included; of course it can be removed to make room for your own arrangement of fresh or forever flowers. 

Approx  8 in by 8 in  2.5 lbs   $95.00 

Peas in a Pod

pease-in-pod.jpgLike peas in a pod, these three cuties were made to go together. Handcrafted by Artist Tony Lucco, and each hand-decorated with simple Swarovski Elements Crystal rainbows. Add a smile and a little brightness to any location with these simple yet elegant Sculptured Balloon Bud Vases. Vases come with an arrangement in each, and can be used with fresh-cut, or forever foliage.

Total weight for all 3 under 2 lbs, size is approximately 5 in by 5 in  $125.00


derby.jpgDreams of the Derby come riding in with this lovely hat. A beautiful sculptured hat flower vase, with a double row of Swarovski Elements Pearls, comes with a simply elegant flower arrangement. Artist Tony Lucco’s handcrafting shows his love for creating through sculpture in the gentle curves, and impeccably deployed Swarovski Pearls. Don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind bright spot.

Approx  5 in by 12 in, 12 in by 12 in with flowers,  2 lbs,   $95.00